2019: The Year Ahead in Cybersecurity

What are the top cyber trends to watch out for in 2019? Here’s what we’re hearing.

2018 may have been filled with cybersecurity incidents, but the infosec community is gearing up for what the New Year will bring. From emerging cyber-threat attacks surfaces, new APT groups, and more regulations around data privacy, 2019 is set to be another big year in the cybersecurity space. Here are the top cybersecurity trends to look out for in 2019.

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  • Alex Natividad MD on

    Identity Test via CognitiveID (NimbusID) will be an emerging paradigm shift solution to finally stop pervasive access and breach
  • George on

    Convergence of Regulations: We are seeing the development of standards in the financial and health sector that draw from the NIST CSF and we expect that those standards will begin to converge into the specific NIST Profiles per sector. Customization of the NIST CSF: One of the more remarkable aspects of the NIST CSF is its broad applicability. It has been praised for its versatility across industries and we will see the expansion of the CSF into emerging technologies.
  • Tom on

    OT and IT convergence is a big one and I'm glad you hit on this one. IT and OT live in different worlds not only from a security perspective, but also from a performance perspective. Lots can happen here...
  • Bryan on

    How come i can't see the trends? Is there a next button that i am missing?
    • Lindsey O'Donnell on

      Hi Bryan, if you hover over the slideshow a next button should appear.
  • zodiac7 on

    The text over the pictures is very difficult to read.
  • Sagar Azmi on

    But how to detect and prevent a cyber threats using SOC Platform??
  • Matt Anonymous on

    Today, risk assessments and vulnerability scans allow organizations to look at their security status and threat profile at a time. But in 2019 this will not be enough. I recently conducted research and ordered a research paper on (URL Removed) - automating incident response and reconciliation is becoming an increasingly popular way for security groups to optimize repetitive processes and increase analyst efficiency, but automating poorly defined processes can create more serious Problems.
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